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UIC manufactures copper, aluminium, and steel cables for industries such as Mining, Communications, Transportation and Power Utilities

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Aluminium Overhead Conductors

These products are designed at strength to wait ratio to improve electrical properties and sag-tension characteristics.

Aluminium overhead conductors are mainly for transmission lines and installed bare overhead for high voltages (33-765kV).

Aluminium overhead conductors are installed by power utilities, mines, transport utilities and municipalities

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Instrumentation Cables

Primarily for the below through interconnection of equipment and sensors:

  • Voice and data service
  • Measurement
  • Sensoring and control systems

The cables are screened, either overall or individually screened pairs to minimise cross-talk and interference from other cables in the same area

Cables can be manufactured with SWA or APL and installed in ducts, cable trays or direct buried with SWA.

There are various options of sheathing depending on application, construction and customer spec.

There are industrial users such as Sasol. 

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Pullkey Cables

This cable is mounted between the pullkeys on pull carriers and acts as an electrical conduit  pull cable

The product can have a pulling strength of up to 1500kg

The cable is primarily used in the coal mining sector

Standard and Custom Cables 

UICables manufactures copper, alluminium, and steel cables for all industries including Mining, Communications, Transportation and Power Utilities

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